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Nuvi 765T
Nuvi 765T
Nuvi 765T
Left View
:  Garmin Nuvi 765T
:  2009
Average Cost
:  $349.99
:  4.80 X 0.80 X 3.00
:  More

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Desription .........  Garmin Nuvi 765T is part of the new Nuvi 705 series GPS device designed to assist drivers with lanes on the highway. The Nuvi 765T is a progression of the Nuvi 755T and allows you to do hand-free calling. The major advantage of this device is its 3-D videos of surrounding buildings. It is also capable of photo navigation more like google.com photos of the streets. Its main feature is realistic display of road signs along your route and indication of the proper lanes while you drive.

We can call Nuvi 765T is smart navigator because it is packed with new features that makes your drive a lot easier. For instance, it has route planning that helps you to design your own route to your destination. This feature is helpful if you know how to get to your destination but need GPS in case there is a roadblock or traffic ahead of you. In addition, it has emergency and car locator that comes handy when you are in need of assistance.

It has built-in start up modes that prompts you with two questions: "Where to?" and "View Map. Nuvi 765T comes with over 6 million points of interest which is one of the highest numbers of POI amongst other types of GPS devices. This is certainly an advantage.

Garmin Nuvi 765T has a long list of features. We’ll try to list several important once here.

  • City Navigator NT street maps
  • 3-D building view
  • HotFix satellite prediction
  • 6 million POI
  • A2DP Bluetooth wireless
  • Integrated FM traffic receiver
It has sunlight-readable wide screen which is easy to read from any direction due to its bright colors and 4.3-inch display. You can find this device online via its Part # 010-00715-20

:  Solid State
Acquisition Time
:  1000
:  SD Card
:  WQVGA color TFT
Touch Screen
:  Yes
Battery Life
:  3 hours
Battery Type
:  Lithium-ion
:  Built-In
Update Rate
:  Yes
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Download GPS Maps : I am looking for a resource where I can download maps for different countries on my Garmin GPS Portable. I have GPS Maps for USA and Canada and if you want one, I can send you a link for this downloads. I am looking for other GPS Maps. Maybe someone knows where to download them.

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By: Ryze On: 9/16/2012 2:15:31 PM  Reply
Garmin Nuvi 765T : Stolen out of car two nights ago.

SN: 1AG344725
ID: 3754850539

Registered on Garmin.com

By: Administrator On: 12/18/2009 9:09:38 PM  Reply
Garmin Nuvi 765T Forum : Provide your unbiased opinion about capabilities and features of Garmin Nuvi 765T GPS device. We welcome all kinds of feedback positive or negative.

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