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Garmin eTrex Vista
Garmin eTrex Vista
Garmin eTrex Vista
Garmin eTrex Vista Right
Garmin eTrex Vista Left
Garmin eTrex Vista Map
Garmin eTrex Vista Kit
:  Garmin eTrex Vista
:  2005
Average Cost
:  $214.00
:  4.40 X 1.20 X 2.00
:  More

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Desription .........  The Garmin eTrex Vista® packs tons of maps and features into an affordable and rugged GPS handheld that’s ready to go. With its complete basemap of the Americas, and Atlantic or Pacific maps, the eTrex Vista® is ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities requiring GPS navigation, including hiking, camping, cycling, boating, and sailing. The super sharp monochrome screen is the best of its kind; additional features like an electronic compass and barometric altimeter make uses of the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) to deliver locations with pinpoint accuracy. Garmin has spared no expense in loading the eTrex Vista’s® basemap with lakes, rivers, cities, interstates, highway systems, even railroads and coastlines. Offering terrific value for the price, the eTrex Vista® is one very valuable traveling companion. The additional 24MB of memory allows you to add even more mapping capabilities – and better yet, the eTrex Vista accommodates up to 1000 waypoints, a 10,000 point track log, and is waterproof (to IPX7 standards).

:  24 MB
Acquisition Time
:  15 sec. Hot, 45 sec. Cold
:  1000
:  Serial
:  4 level gray LCD
Touch Screen
:  No
Battery Life
:  12 hrs
Battery Type
:  2 AA
:  Internal path
Update Rate
:  1 sec.
:  No
:  MapSource®

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By: GUSRENTIT On: 6/25/2009 10:07:19 AM  Reply
GPS FOR MY LAPTOP???? : I own an older Garmin Etrex Vista, it's great! Now I want to use my laptop (pc running Vista) to do all the same things that my Etrex does, ie. streets, topo, waterways etc.. I have Garmin's Mapsource topo's on CD that I would like to use, but if there is something better I will buy it. I have talked to Garmin and they don't get what I'm asking for. I looked at the Garmin Mobile PC GPS 10 X and 20 X. Garmin, did mention Nroute might do what I'm asking for,,but that they do not support it any longer. I don't think I'm asking for the imposible, I want to have a map in front of me when I'm on the highway, or when I'm offroad in my 4x4, or if I want to go out on the boat, I can see where I'm going... CAN SOME ONE PLEASE ADVICE ME?

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