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Nuvi 200
Nuvi 200
Nuvi 200
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:  Garmin Nuvi 200
:  2008
Average Cost
:  $99.00
:  3.80 X 0.80 X 2.80
:  More

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Desription .........  Garmin Nuvi 200 is on the smaller side of Garmin GPS and can be used for your car as well as handheld GPS Navigator. It comes with GPS maps for all lower 48 states plus Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Additional maps can be downloaded for Europe, Canada and few other world regions. Those maps are available from Garmin or its distributors.

Garmin Nuvi 200 comes in two different styles: silver and rose and you can always customize it with the wide range to accessories designed to work with this device.

It is basic model but has comprehensive list of features and makes it valuable device to have for a cheep price. Nuvi 200 was replaced by more advance Garmin Nuvi models and as such can be purchased at a discounted price in the stores where you can still find it.

  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • City Navigator NT map data
  • Sunlight-readable screen
  • 2-D or 3-D Maps
  • POI

:  Internal solid state
Acquisition Time
:  500
:  SD card, USB
:  QVGA color TFT
Touch Screen
:  Yes
Battery Life
:  5 hours
Battery Type
:  Lithium-ion
:  Built-In
Update Rate
:  Yes
:  NAVTEQ On-Board
PDF Document

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By: Lidders On: 3/11/2021 2:45:42 AM  Reply
Free North America Map for my Nuvi 200? : Does anyone have this available for me to download for free?

Would really appreciate it.

Kind regards


By: TonyS On: 7/29/2019 11:48:50 AM  Reply
Download GPS Maps : I am looking for a resource where I can download maps for different countries on my Garmin GPS Portable. I have GPS Maps for USA and Canada and if you want one, I can send you a link for this downloads. I am looking for other GPS Maps. Maybe someone knows where to download them.

By: CrazyHorse On: 9/26/2018 12:24:18 AM  Reply
Looking for Free Maps for Garmin GPS : I am looking for free maps for my Gramin GPS device. Please let me know even if your Maps for Garmin are outdated. I will provide you with me email once I hear from you.

By: sam.peters On: 12/11/2016 3:29:20 PM  Reply
Garmin GPS repair : I have Garmin GPS and want to have it repaired. I bought it on-line and I my warranty has expired on it. I am not sure where to take it to since I did not purchased it at the phisical retail. Is there a place where I can bring my Garmin and get it fixed?

By: vin hoch On: 6/19/2013 4:03:44 AM  Reply
upgrade maps for garmin nuvi 200 : hi.. can you send me a map upgade for my nuvi 200?

By: Leny On: 6/11/2013 5:12:29 AM  Reply
Nuvi Maps Download : I have Nuvi GPS by Garmin and now device tells me every time I try to start it up that I need a new maps. I had it only for one year. Why is it so son that I need to update my maps?

By: dbron On: 2/25/2013 1:06:43 PM  Reply
Europe Map update for Nuvi 200 : My son was recently deployed to Germany and he took his Nuvi 200 with him. He needs the Europe map update. Where is the least expensive place to get it for him?


By: zamzam07 On: 7/17/2012 4:42:08 AM  Reply
Problem my Garmin 200w : I have recently bought Garmin 200w. The problem with it is that it takes about 10-20 minutes to find the satellite signal.Do i have to reset the unit for it to work properly. Or is there a problem with the device. Should i return it for another..

By: TROKERDEARO On: 6/9/2012 6:11:29 AM  Reply
Garmin Nuvi 200w GB & Europe map update required. : Hi all, could really do with a Great Britain Map update and possibly Europe aswell for my 3 year old Garmin Nuvi 200w.
Can any one tell me if this can be done for free or if not the cheapest way of doing this...thanks in advance.....

By: ritzie67 On: 2/1/2012 5:50:31 PM  Reply
Report A Stolen GPS : With the number of increase in GPS thefts PocketGPSWorld.com along with the Police forces across the country has initiated to create a National Register of stolen GPS receivers which the investigators can use to identify the owners of recovered devices. maybe that cud help here's the link check it...

By: zhubi On: 8/20/2011 7:23:42 PM  Reply
map update for garmin nuvi 200 for free : Where can i find map update for my garmin nuvi 200 free


By: pbone On: 5/10/2011 4:57:12 PM  Reply
garmin nuvi 200v free map update : does any one have updates for my garmin 200v. if so I would appreciate it if you to email me them at pbone@rcn.com Thankyou

By: Gabby On: 5/4/2011 8:06:59 PM  Reply
How to download and install GPS maps : I have GPS navigator and need to install new maps on it bu tI don't know how to download GPS maps as well as how to install them on my GPS navigator. Can someone please elaborate on that?

By: Baraht On: 3/24/2011 6:15:04 AM  Reply
Garmin Nuvi India Maps : I wanted to find out if I can download free Garmin Nuvi GPS Maps for India. I have Garmin Nuvi 200 that I bought in USA but no India maps installed on it... where can I get these maps.. let me know...

By: yakytak On: 11/4/2010 10:16:41 PM  Reply
maps : 07/30/2008
10:02:17 AM want to download Free map for europe
want to download Free maps of EUROPE for my Nuvi 200

By: jenny441985 On: 9/26/2010 6:54:08 PM  Reply
Garmin nuvi 200 problems : When plugged in during driving, Nuvi turns on and off randomly, doesn't seem to be holding a charge as it shuts off when turned on and not plugged. What do you think could be causing this? it's only two years old, and I was wondering if there was something I could do to fix it. Do we think it's the batteryy, or something more?

I really like this gps and i dont think that I want to buy a new one right now

By: iawnski On: 4/25/2010 1:02:47 PM  Reply
garmin nuvi 200 free map download help please : hi all im looking for a free map download for my garmin nuvi 200 its 3 yrs old and have been on garmin site and man the cost to download wowwwwwwwwwww ,so anyone help here please

By: cchristman On: 3/24/2010 4:55:01 PM  Reply
nuvi200w : i would to update my nuvi 200w maps but don't want to buy them for a discontinued product

By: Katrine On: 3/9/2010 5:32:31 PM  Reply
How to download GPS maps : I have Garmin Nuvi 200 and I would like download maps on it. How do I download GPS maps on it?

By: bostpabi On: 3/5/2010 11:47:14 AM  Reply
Need UK map for a Nuvi 200...anyone have one? : Hi, I'm looking for map of the UK for my nuvi 200. Email me at bostpab@yahoo.com if you can provide one. THANKS!

By: bostpabi On: 3/5/2010 11:46:07 AM  Reply
Need UK map for a Nuvi 200...anyone have one? : Hi, I'm looking for map of the UK for my nuvi 200. Email me at bostpab@yahoo.com if you can provide one. THANKS!

By: aarmando11 On: 2/23/2010 2:03:03 AM  Reply
My Nuvi 200 : I bought this unit online used on Amazon.com I paid with shipping $89.00
It never worked right. I could charge it and it would work fine but if I leave the power cord in it wouldn't work at all. So I always had to make sure it was charged up.I use the computer to charge it. Well I guess I left it charging too long because when I tirn it on, it shuts right off!Is it worth it to repair it? or should I just buy a new one? Also I noticed in some of the blogs people are looking for parts on there nuvi 200..any ideas?

By: billy62 On: 11/29/2009 10:45:01 PM  Reply
Garmin nuvi 200w 2009 map for UK : can anybody tell me where I can download a 2009 map for UK for a garmin nuvi 200w FREE. Thanks email me at clayscottem@aol.com

By: obelix On: 9/17/2009 6:50:41 AM  Reply
Aviation maps : can someone please tell me if one can get aviation maps and databases to load on a non aviation specific GPS? I these maps are available I would like to load it on and Oregon 300. Is this possible?

By: Marcelo On: 8/26/2009 11:29:51 PM  Reply
Free Maps from Italy : Dear all,

can someone help me to download maps from Italy to my Nuvi 200?

Please e-mail me to braganca_acterna@hotmail.com



By: frasen On: 5/16/2009 7:26:54 PM  Reply
Need for update of my nuvi 200 for 2009 : Hi,
I look for help to update my Nuvi 200 for 2009.
Please I appreciate any help.
My mail adress: frasen_36@passagen.se

By: gadgetpit On: 4/26/2008 12:45:59 AM  Reply
Horrible unit : I bought a Nuvi 200W thinking that the unit would work well, but i was wrong. The unit takes alot of time to load up and to locate. sometimes it just loses signal even in a good weather. I really had a tough time with this unit. Any suggestions......

By: durgcancon On: 4/23/2008 2:51:13 AM  Reply
Help needed..... : I have a Garmin StreetPilot c330, recently while driving the unit froze. And it doesn't not respond to any commands. I tried to powered it on and it never came on. The unit is not working. Anyone has come across same problem and found a way?

By: hellboy On: 3/12/2008 6:15:12 AM  Reply
Want to buy GPS Device : i wanted to buy a new Gps device which will include north America maps and Text-to-Speech, first i thought of buying a Nuvi 200, then i felt it wont be a good choice. Now i am thinking of going for C340. Which would be better you think??????

By: pia45 On: 3/10/2008 4:18:50 AM  Reply
Nuvi 200??? : I have a Garmin Nuvi 200, and i have problem navigating with an address. It does not recognise any of the town in Malaysia. Somebody can help me to out of this problem?

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