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Nuvi 205W
Nuvi 205W
Nuvi 205W
Left View
Right View
:  Garmin Nuvi 205W
:  2009
Average Cost
:  $139.99
:  4.80 X 0.80 X 2.90
:  More

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Desription .........  Garmin Nuvi 205W is wide screen option of Nuvi 205 GPS navigator. It is designed to be used in car versus more personal use that its cousin with the smaller screen size. Otherwise, it is very similar to Nuvi 205 model with optional MSN Direct Service which gives you real-time traffic data.

Garmin Nuvi 205W is part of the Nuvi 2x5 series and such has lower price than most of the high end or even regular GPS devices. It is also not very complex and you can learn its capabilities within short period of time.

It comes loaded with City Navigator® NT map data for all 48 US States except Hawaii and Alaska as well as part of Europe that makes it attractive to foreign buyers as well as USA shoppers. Its main advantage over other models of the same class is its wide screen display that comes with brighter colors as well as improved readability on very sunny days. Nuvi 205W display measures 4.3 inches and easy to read from any direction you look from.

:  Solid State
Acquisition Time
:  1000
:  microSD, USB
:  WQVGA color TFT
Touch Screen
:  Yes
Battery Life
:  4 hours
Battery Type
:  Lithium-ion
:  Built-In
Update Rate
:  Yes
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Garmin Nuvi 205W Forum : Talk about capabilities of Garmin Nuvi 205W on our forum. We don't usually edit your feedback to it can be positive as well as critical of this device. We are looking for an honest feedback from you.

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