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Garmin GPS 60
Garmin GPS 60
Garmin GPS 60
Garmin GPS 60 Left
Garmin GPS 60 Map
Garmin GPS 60 Kit
:  Garmin GPS 60
:  2005
Average Cost
:  $192.84
:  2.40 X 1.30 X 6.10
:  More

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Desription .........  Built for GPS navigation in the great outdoors, the Garmin GPS 60 can take whatever your adventures can dish out. The rugged waterproof exterior (IPX7 compliant) takes a dunk with no problem, and with features like a large, sunlight-readable grayscale screen and a 28 hour battery life (on two AA batteries), the GPS 60 is built for fun. A WAAS-enabled receiver delivers amazing accuracy; you can store up to 500 waypoints and 20 saved tracks (up to 20,000 points in all.) Garmin has equipped the GPS 60 with a Geocaching mode and outdoor games that keep the fun going between hikes, climbs, and fishing expeditions. Better yet, the GPS 60 comes loaded with a worldwide city point database – simply enter your desired destination and you’re on your way. Other features include an alarm clock, sunrise and sunset times and moon phase tables, as well as optimal hunting and fishing times.

:  1 MB
Acquisition Time
:  15 sec. Hot, 45 sec. Cold
:  500
:  Serial and USB
:  4 level gray LCD
Touch Screen
:  No
Battery Life
:  Up to 28 hrs
Battery Type
:  2 AA
:  External
Update Rate
:  1 sec.
:  No
:  MapSource Points of Interest

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By: CrazyHorse On: 9/26/2018 12:24:18 AM  Reply
Looking for Free Maps for Garmin GPS : I am looking for free maps for my Gramin GPS device. Please let me know even if your Maps for Garmin are outdated. I will provide you with me email once I hear from you.

By: ElGonzi On: 7/18/2011 6:05:34 AM  Reply
Finding the right GPS : I have always loved spending time outdoors, maybe trekking or simply camping out with some of my friends. I know GPS can help me but I am seeing a lot of different GPS in the market and I am not too sure which one to look for in particular. Hope someone could help me to somehow trim down my options and be able to choose the one that is best for my lifestyle.

By: technologistau On: 11/30/2010 5:35:59 AM  Reply
MapSource - Importing Additional .gdb files : I have taken a number of waypoint data sets with my Garmin GPS 60 and was also given a number of data sets; both of which I have imported into MapSource and saved as seperate .gdb and .gpx files (data sets are from same spatial land area).

I wanted to know if it is possible for me open up one gdb (or gpx) file with MapSource then import additional gbd files and create a new gdb file that includes all the data from different gdb data sets?

I want to then upload this data to my GPS (however not imperative).

any assistance appreciated.

thanks, technologistau.

By: technologistau On: 11/4/2010 6:39:56 AM  Reply
Garmin GPS 60 - Centrelines etc Between Waypoints : Hi All.

I recently purchased a Garmin GPS 60.

I have a couple of questions and hope that someone may be able to help me here.

I purchased the GPS to record the location of each of the 360 electricity transmission line tower sites our company is constructing (360 sites over 80+ km's).

Using MapSource, I created a test "route" reflective of a section of electricity transmission line (tower locations). I uploaded this to the device and out in the field today, it was easy to can navigate to tower sites I had marked up.

However, for the electricity line we are expected to clear a path of 45 metres along the entire length of the line of the electricity transmission line (extending out to 22.5 metres on each side of the centreline).

Out in the field, it is sometimes difficult to stand in between two tower sites (called a span) and estimate the centreline as well as the outer extents of the easement (and thus determine what trees need to be felled, whether the outer edge extends over a particular property etc etc).

Is there a way, using MapSource, I can create a centreline that connects each tower site along the entire length of the line as well as the 2 external boundaries of the line (being 22.5 metres on each side), and the upload this to the GPS so that when I am in the field, it will be very easy to determine what is in the easement, and what falls outside the easement.

Secondly, is there anyway on MapSource to upload an entire data set of GPS co-ordinates (tower sites), rather then have to manually enter and name each waypoint for the entire 'route'? I have an spreadsheet that has the GPS co-ordinates for each tower site (as well as other ancillary spreadsheets / data sets that have GPS co-ordinates for other items of interest such as waterway crossings, heritage sites, gates etc etc). As mentioned, I have 360+ waypoints to mark up and I will be manually punching in this info for quite some time I would imagine.

Any help on either of these questions would be greatly appreciated. The manual is not overly helpful and I have tried searching the net however as I am not fully conversant with GPS technology, I was not able to describe my issue.

Thanks, technologistau.

ps - I am not IT illiterate, just not up to speed with GPS.

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