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Plenio VXA-3000
Plenio VXA-3000
Plenio VXA-3000
Plenio VXA-3000 Map
Plenio VXA-3000 Boxed
:  Plenio VXA-3000
:  2007
Average Cost
:  $499.99
:  7.50 X 1.50 X 4.90
:  More

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Desription .........  The Plenio VXA-3000 7” Touch Screen GPS System is the global satellite navigation system for your car or truck that has it all – from instant, precision GPS Data to entertainment functions like MP3 and video playback, all from a powerful unit boasting a generous 7” touch screen that’s easy on the eyes. DVS/Synchrome has loaded this beauty with all the bells and whistles that give you comfort and ease-of-use that other car GPS Navigation systems can only dream about. Getting to your destination is easier and more pleasant than ever, with the VXA-3000’s 2D and 3D maps, turn-by-turn voice guidance, along coast to coast U.S. GPS Navigation maps on an SD card and more. Maps are rendered in real time, for instant, up-to-the-moment guidance.

Passengers will love the Plenio VXA-3000 as well, while they enjoy how their video games and DVDs look on the 7” LCD touch screen that’s as durable as it is functional. Viewing favorite pictures or listening to your favorite MP3 play lists is as easy for the VXA-3000 as getting to your favorite locations and points of interest by the quickest route possible.

:  SD Card
Acquisition Time
:  USB
:  LCD TFT 7" Color
Touch Screen
:  Yes
Battery Life
Battery Type
:  Built-in
Update Rate
:  USA Maps

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  User Reviews:
By: Sammy On: 8/22/2007 11:16:42 AM Rated Rating 3
Nice looking but.... : There just doesn’t seem much to be going for this item except maybe the 7 inch screen and solid mount. It picks up signal pretty fast and the voice instructions are clear. Tried the nearest Car wash went wrong initially but recalculated quickly. An external video player gives great display.

The cons far out weight the pros the instructions are poorly written. The unit itself has maps are out of date it did not recognize places that were existing for 4-5 years navigation accuracy as a fall out of this is pretty bad. It has no internal battery and it is difficult to move. It has USB ports but no USB cable is provided. Only charger for the car but no power adapter is provided. It is very selective about what audio and video formats it plays even gives a problem with image files. A below average product for the price.

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