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FineDrive 400
FineDrive 400
FineDrive 400
FineDrive 400 Side View
:  FineDrive Drive 400
:  2005
Average Cost
:  $299.99
:  5.16 X 2.69 X 3.65
:  More

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Desription .........  The FineDrive 400 Navigator features so much convenience, and is so rugged and easy to use, it’s no wonder our customers are raving about it. With features like reroute calculation, route optimization, and preloaded maps of the U.S. and Canada, you’ll love the FineDrive 400 too. Just turn it on and go, to take advantage of the 400’s highly sensitive receiver that in turn activates sharp and clear 3D maps on the 4” touch screen. Turn-by-turn voice prompts make it easy to get where you’re going, based on the NAVTEQ GPS software and maps that offer reliable info wherever you go. The FineDrive 400 GPS Navigator lets you listen to FM radio or your favorite MP3 tunes as well – just load them into the SD slot, and you’re ready for a very “fine drive” indeed.

:  SD Card
Acquisition Time
:  8 sec. Hot, 45 sec. Cold
:  1 million
:  USB
:  TFT 4" Color
Touch Screen
:  Yes
Battery Life
Battery Type
:  DC12V
:  Built-In
Update Rate
:  1 sec.
:  Yes
:  Navteq, Windows CE.NET 4.2
PDF Document
PDF Document

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  User Reviews:
By: Jetter On: 8/22/2007 11:19:55 AM Rated Rating 5
Gets you there you want to go : This is a nice product for the cost. I have been using it for the past six months or so. It is a good GPS unit that gets you where you want to go. The preloaded maps were from 2005 according to my observation. I have used it widely and it is pretty accurate at least 95-97% of the time. The interface is easy to use and quite large when compared to other units. The negatives are quite a few it takes a lot of time to come and find the satellite. It does not say street names in its voice commands. It does not have a battery and hence cannot be used out side the car. It does freeze up and the screen does go blank sometimes. I have tried calling their service regarding this but there is no reply, I guess there is no customer service. Route selection is not the best and hence time is lost. All and all this is an average entry level In-Car GPS Navigation System.

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By: john On: 11/3/2012 2:52:44 AM  Reply
ineed to download maps : for finedrive 400 gps please thx

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