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Lowrance AirMap 500
Lowrance AirMap 500
Lowrance AirMap 500
Lowrance AirMap 500 Right
Lowrance AirMap 500 Map
Lowrance AirMap 500 Kit
Lowrance AirMap 500 Kit
:  Lowrance AirMap 500
:  2005
Average Cost
:  $249.00
:  2.50 X 0.90 X 5.60
:  More

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Desription .........  The Lowrance AirMap® 500 delivers state of the art GPS Navigation in an affordable, portable package that’s easy to use and ready to go anywhere. Use the AirMap® 500 for land, sea or air navigation – it’s equipped with an easy to read 3” diagonal supertwist LCD display that features 16 level grayscale, making the AirMap® 500 easy on the eyes. GPS reception is accurate within 3 meters, thanks to Lowrance’s implementation of WAAS technology and the AirMap® 500’s advanced RAA-3 Remote Amplifying antenna. The AirMap® 500 is loaded with features like MapCreate™ software and a searchable database of one million points of interest and trip details archiving, as well as Jeppesen and Lowrance Obstructions databases on a 32 MB MMC SD Card (the AirMap® 500 features MMC and SD slots.) The AirMap® 500 weighs in at just more than 7 ½ pounds, operates on two AA batteries, and comes with easy to install mounting hardware. Expandable memory up to 256MB for affordable satellite-based navigation from a GPS device that’s powerful yet easy to learn, we highly recommend the Lowrance AirMap® 500 portable GPS Navigator. Free firmware updates are included.

:  32MB MMC card
Acquisition Time
:  1,000
:  serial port
:  3" 16-level gray LCD
Touch Screen
:  No
Battery Life
Battery Type
:  2 "AA"
:  internal
Update Rate
:  High-speed
:  No
:  MapCreate
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  User Reviews:
By: jerry On: 10/12/2008 11:28:54 PM Rated Rating 3
AirMap 500 : Just returned from 26 flight hour tour over seven days throughout the south and west. Used the AirMap 500 installed on yoke, with the remote antenna resting on glare shield. Worked fine, used the internal database for IFR backup, all intersections found rapidly.
Good user interface, once you get the 'hang' of it, as there are many undocumented keystrokes one learns. I like the user interface and think it is better thought-out than many.
The external power connector is on the bottom and when on yoke it is easy to knock this loose; the AirMap displays a 'pop-up' to let you know it is on internal power, but this happened a dozen times -- I finally used a quick tie to hold the power cord in place so it would not be dislodged by moving a chart around in the cockpit.
GPS and WAAS availability was 100% even with the antenna on the glareshield.
The screen was visible in full sunlight more easily than with backlight at night.
Hard to get the moving map page to display what you want, there are either too many or too few items on display, and the automatic decluttering is not as sophisticated as in newer graphical GPS units.
When the destination is an airport, the map page goes to split screen with one image showing how the field will look as you approach it -- very useful in finding airports you've never seen before.
For the price -- about ten times cheaper than a Garmin 496 -- it is a great tool and does everything it is claimed to do.

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By: n7ans7 On: 8/15/2018 9:04:41 AM  Reply
airmap 500 software upgrade : Can I get a newer upgrade for my Airmap 500 than rev. 1.7.0 from 2005? Thanks.

By: Grant On: 2/21/2008 1:15:51 AM  Reply
Manual for Airmap 500 : I am looking for an instructional DVD on Airmap 500. Is there such a thing and where can I get one?

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