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Lowrance AirMap 600C
Lowrance AirMap 600C
Lowrance AirMap 600C
Lowrance AirMap 600C Right
Lowrance AirMap 600C Left
Lowrance AirMap 600C Map
Lowrance AirMap 600C Kit
:  Lowrance AirMap 600C
:  2005
Average Cost
:  $499.00
:  2.50 X 1.20 X 5.60
:  More

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Desription .........  With the AirMap® 600C, Lowrance introduces yet another powerful and user-friendly portable GPS Navigator that makes it easy to navigate on air, sea or land. Essentially a pocket-sized computer, the AirMap® 600 features a powerful 16 channel GPS+WAAS receiver and a 2.3” diagonal color TFT display that’s easy on the eyes, for the ultimate satellite navigation experience in any kind of lighting conditions (even in direct or low light situations; white LED backlighting makes the AirMap® 600 easy to read at night.) The included MapCreate™ custom mapmaking software lets you customize your journeys and maps, with searchable points of interest, and up to 1000 waypoints and 1000 event marker icons. You’ll get up to 2 GB of mapping memory with the AirMap® 600C using the MMC memory card or SD card slots. The Lowrance AirMap® 600C allows you to save up to 100 plot trails with 9,999 points in a single trail, and offers a host of safety and convenience features too numerous to mention here. If you’re looking for a terrific value in a handheld GPS navigator, here it is: we highly recommend the Lowrance AirMap® 600C portable GPS Navigation device. The AirMap® 600C ships with Jeppesen® background maps and the Lowrance Obstruction maps (on an MMC card) that will help you travel the globe safely and efficiently.

:  MMC card
Acquisition Time
:  1,000
:  2.83' 16-bit color TFT
Touch Screen
:  No
Battery Life
:  to 12 hrs
Battery Type
:  2 "AA"
:  RAA-3
Update Rate
:  High-speed
:  No
:  MapCreate USA Topo PC
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  User Reviews:
By: alex On: 3/23/2008 12:06:31 AM Rated Rating 3
AirMap 600C headache : This unit has given me much heartaches and headaches; it has few redeeming qualities programming is easy and the manual isn’t too thick. It is feature packed with lot of navigation pages. The color display with a pretty sharp screen gives it an aura of respectability.

When we look at the other face of the coin we find that this unit sucks big time. There is the restarting problem, when I turn it on it would go off and come back on by itself I had to remove the batteries to make it stop. The company service people asked me to reset it. After doing that the screen has turned 180 degrees. It has on various occasions frozen up during flight and I had to restart it. It looses signal often. It is nearly impossible to see the screen in direct sunlight; it has to be kept in shade to get a good view. The customer service is pathetic it takes twenty minutes to get to the person in the aviation section and after getting him/her they don’t seem to know what to do. This is definitely not a recommended buy.

  Related Forum Messages:
By: praldu On: 3/11/2008 7:35:11 AM  Reply
Lowrance AirMap 600c : I had a great hope on Lowarnce Airmap 600c, device which bought for myself. Its features and capabilities are

useless. Its just impossible to see the screen at daylight, the backlight is at full brightness, and the display is

not clear in the sunlight

By: ignorantbliss On: 2/26/2008 4:40:56 AM  Reply
Lowrance AirMap 600C rescue?? : I have a Lowrance AirMap 600C which is one pain in the neck. It is the most troublesome GPS device I have ever owned. It is rich in features but a real brain picker to use. It goes off and then comes back on by itself. The service guys ask me to restart it when this happens....however when I restart it, the screen turn 180 degrees...believe me, it really happens.. any one has any ideas...

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