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Lowrance AirMap 2000C
Lowrance AirMap 2000C
Lowrance AirMap 2000C
Lowrance AirMap 2000C Right
Lowrance AirMap 2000C Left
Lowrance AirMap 2000C Map
Lowrance AirMap 2000C Kit
:  Lowrance AirMap 2000C
:  2005
Average Cost
:  $999.00
:  4.90 X 2.50 X 6.25
:  More

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Desription .........  The Lowrance AirMap® 2000 GPS Navigation receiver takes you where you need to be, as you chart your course through the skies with turn by turn directions, an array of maps, and features like a super accurate WAAS-capability. With a brilliant and easily readable 256 color TFT display, the Lowrance AirMap® 2000 is ready for action not only as a GPS Navigator for use in the skies – this powerful GPS Navigator comes equipped with Marine and Automotive modes as well. Lowrance has outfitted the AirMap® 2000 with a generous 5” color screen that’s easy to read; GPS users of all experience levels will benefit from the AirMap® 2000’s easy to use design that provides such features as full WAAS-capability, 32 MB digital memory, MapCreate™ mapping software, a remote amplifying antenna with advanced functionality, yoke mount and suction cup mounting, and an MMC/SD card reader. Power the Lowrance AirMap® 2000 from your cigarette lighter or 4 AA batteries – it’s completely portable and ready to travel whenever and wherever you need to hit the road. The AirMap® 2000 ships with Jeppesen® and Lowrance Obstructions databases for superb GPS satellite assisted travel right out of the box.

:  32MB MMC/SD card
Acquisition Time
:  1,000
:  5' 256-color TFT LCD
Touch Screen
:  No
Battery Life
Battery Type
:  4 "AA"
:  Remote amplifying
Update Rate
:  High-speed
:  No
:  MapCreate
PDF Document
PDF Document

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  User Reviews:
By: Jetter On: 8/10/2007 12:16:03 PM Rated Rating 5
Great little thing : I like things being built in, but this stand alone GPS device is great addition.

By: Brent On: 8/16/2008 8:58:28 PM Rated Rating 5
: For the money you can't beat it! Its great and easy to use.

By: Henry Kaldenbaugh On: 9/6/2011 8:02:29 PM Rated Rating 4
Almost panel quality : I've owned my Lowrance 2000C since 2005 and am very pleased with it's performance. I have had only two glitches not covered by the manual. The first was an unreadable map duet to the map zoom being too far in.
the second and more annoying is a switch to the line coordinates occasionally when a new GoTo is entered. It then takes some fiddling to get the page to follow your current postion (which we prefer.
The terrain avoidance is fabulous.
I think it is a crime that Lowrance is no longer supporting this unit.

By: Phil Jouanet On: 7/26/2014 10:08:34 PM Rated Rating 1
Sport pilot : This GPS would have received a 5 star rating of it still worked or even was able to be repaired. Lowrance just abandoned all their aviation customers and will not even repair these expensive avionics. If I was a fisherman I would not buy their fish finders for that reason.

By: Leon Kay On: 9/14/2016 1:43:20 PM Rated Rating 5
CEO : I have tried for a number of years at Oshkosh to get Jeppesen to produce a database update they were original producers of the database and now they refuse to make a database update for it. They have course say it's because of legal concerns and I think this country has gone way too far to the right on legal concerns lawyers are running the country and always have. And I think it's time for somebody at Jeppesen to step up do the world a good turn.these GPS's are far superior to garmin. I would suspect that they were told by Garmin not to produce the data bases and perhaps even given a little renunciation for their cooperation!!!
Jep gave me the phoney excuse that they would have to work on the units! As my grandson says yada yada yada

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