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Review > Car > Evesham Car > Nav-Cam 7000
Evesham Nav-Cam 7000
Evesham Nav-Cam 7000
Evesham Nav-Cam 7000
Evesham Nav-Cam 7000 Front
Evesham Nav-Cam 7000 Kit
Evesham Nav-Cam 7000 Map
:  Evesham Nav-Cam 7000
:  2004
Average Cost
:  $254.99
:  5.10 X 0.85 X 2.90
:  More

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Desription .........  As far as GPS Navigators that fit in the palm of your hand go, you’d be hard pressed to find one that offers more features and ease of use than the Evesham Nav-Cam 7000 (also known as the NAVCAM 7000). From the intuitive user interface that makes it easy to select points of interest (POI’s -- 1.5 million come pre-loaded) and enter your destination, to the included 1 GB SD card that contains full USA and Canada maps, the Nav-Cam 7000 is a terrific find in the GPS marketplace. All of the popular features are here, from full screen 2D and 3D maps, fast rerouting, NAVTEQ maps, and optimal routing -- which make the NAVCAM a superstar in the GPS Navigation universe, at a price that’s bound to please. An integrated MP3 player and Picture Viewer, along with a car charger kit and Lithium Ion battery complete the Nav-Cam 7000 package.

:  64MB SDRAM / 32MB Flash ROM, SD Card
Acquisition Time
:  1.5 million
:  USB
:  LCD TFT 3.5" Color
Touch Screen
:  Yes
Battery Life
:  4 hrs.
Battery Type
:  Lithium Ion 1000 mAh
:  Built-in
Update Rate
:  1 sec.
:  Navteq Maps
PDF Document
PDF Document
PDF Document

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  User Reviews:
By: rockflier On: 7/27/2008 7:04:04 PM Rated Rating 1
No customer service or updates : have owned this unit for 2.5 years. As of yet, no map updates. Customer service will not even answer emails asking about purchasing updates. A good paperweight, nothing else.

By: Sam On: 8/14/2008 5:16:31 PM Rated Rating 5
One of those I would buy : I advise to purchase it since I had it myself.

By: 6109 On: 10/3/2008 7:39:52 AM Rated Rating 1
Waste of money : Junk! Absolutely a piece of junk! Do not buy this gps unit!!!!!!!!!

By: Mike On: 10/3/2008 3:07:13 PM Rated Rating 1
Junk : I've had this for a year and from day one it sucked. It takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 hour to get a GPS signal. Does not get you to your destination just the street. If you are on main st. good luck. It will get you to whatever random point it wants but not to where you want to be.

Good luck with this one. I've literally thrown it out the window and purchased a Garmin.

By: mikedec On: 10/13/2008 9:05:54 AM Rated Rating 1
Buyer beware : Junk. No customer service at all....NONE

By: Irene On: 10/25/2008 1:10:16 PM Rated Rating 1
NO GPS!!!! : Cannot get a signal! No instructions...no customer service!!!!

By: mike On: 11/2/2008 1:05:59 PM Rated Rating 1
nav-cam 7000 : had mine for a year and a half . nothing but problems. This unit is junk

By: Kyle On: 12/9/2008 10:56:50 PM Rated Rating 1
junk : this thing is junk a friend gave it to me and i had to give it back cuz it was worthless

By: Shirley On: 2/3/2010 10:42:02 AM Rated Rating 3
OK GPS unit : I've had one of these for a number of years. When it stops working you need to do a hardware reset. It works OK for the most part. The manufacturer has gone out of business, so no software or map updates are available currently: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evesham_Technology I'm sure there are other better models on the market currently, but these are usable if you follow the directions.

By: William J Woolgar On: 12/9/2010 8:53:54 PM Rated Rating 1
: I have had some use from this now obsolete system; however, for the most part, I have been misdirected, misled and generally disapppointed with this British piece of junk. It has been my downfall to rely on British products and I no longer will purchase any other Limey crap.

By: On: 1/7/2011 8:13:36 AM Rated Rating 1

By: LostinSeattle On: 5/23/2011 6:04:04 PM Rated Rating 2
A V O I D ! : I doubt yu can dfind one of these dinosaurs around anylace besides ebay or amazon - but if you do - keep lookin! Nothing but problems and inaccurate directions! Go with ANY of the Garmin producst instead! PCNation has the best prices on Garmin units. That's what I went with after tossing the naaaaaav-scam!

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